Corporate Capabilities

Midwest Bio-Tech, an established and growing corporation headquartered in metropolitan Indianapolis, is a private peptide technologies based company with a mission to build a peptide science franchise. Midwest Bio-Tech is dedicated to serving the peptide technology needs of the scientific and research communities within university, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Total commitment to customer satisfaction and science-based decision making are the fundamental basis of our corporate philosophy and strategy.

Midwest Bio-Tech’s peptide science expertise, product lines, and services facilitate the drug discovery processes for our customers. Our product lines address and leverage solid phase chemistry strategies to deliver: i) custom peptide synthesis peptide, ii) Boc and Fmoc protected amino acids (standard and custom), iii) functionalized resins for peptide and combinatorial chemistry , iv) at supply chain reagents, v) peptide analytical services including HPLC, mass spectrometry, peptide concentration determination, and amino acid analysis. We welcome the opportunity to conduct contract research on a project directed basis.

Midwest Bio-Tech offers protected amino acid in various package sizes and specifically formatted for direct use on ABI, Rainin amd CSBIO synthesizers. Our established resin derivatization processes allow access to multi-kilogram batch runs for scale-up needs. The custom synthesis expertise/capability can reduce to practice simple and complex peptides including: phosphopeptides, terminal and side chain modifications (w/ nearly any dye/probe), cyclic peptides, stable isotope incorporation, peptide collections, arrays and libraries. We provide analytical HPLC and MS certification on every peptide. AAA also available!

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  • Phone: 317-841-7463
  • Toll Free: 800-772-2798
Midwest Bio-Tech, Inc
Midwest Bio-Tech, Inc